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Stay positive I just want to make y’all happy 🦋

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@leeannaschulze2 on Tiktok have full name is leeannaschulze 29k, Born on June 5, 2002, leeannaschulze 29k join tiktok at 8 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by leeannaschulze2.

5 2 hours ago

Looks like I’m getting no sleep 🙄

157 1 day ago

Just a fail 😂💀 aye #foryou

334 1 day ago

I can’t dance but waiting for baby 2 ❤️😂#dance

341 2 days ago

Do you get your nails done ?#duet #acting

148 2 days ago

How do you guys feel about acting videos ?#duet #foryou #acting

210 2 days ago

So one of my closet friends are trying to get with my ex even tho we’re working things out #tea

229 3 days ago

Do you wanna be more then a friend do ya ?🤪 #sing #featurethis #trend #singing

182 3 days ago

What color are your eyes

231 3 days ago

150 likes and I’ll sing #like #foryou

350 3 days ago

Idk what I’d do without my baby ❤️#foryou #baby

184 4 days ago

I messed up sooo bad but #dance #foryou

82 4 days ago

If it was your last day to live what would you do ? #foryou

70 4 days ago

That you my only one ❤️🤤#foryou

328 4 days ago

Watch till the end to see my favorite filter 🤪

135 4 days ago

A private from a long time ago ❤️I’ll be back soon guys #foryou

273 6 days ago

Cosmetology contest !!! #skillsusa #foryou #mask

95 7 days ago

#tomyvalentine mood Bc all these people are getting gifts I’m like do you want me to take a pic ?😂

1,788 10 days ago

Issa joke 🤧 this is what I do at school.....😂 #dance #tiktok #foryou

250 10 days ago

Restroom break at school...😂

305 13 days ago

What are you most thankful for ? #foryou

115 13 days ago

If you got 1 million dollars what would you do with it

92 15 days ago

Notice anything different?