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@childish._.girl on Tiktok have full name is America😍‼️, Born on January 14, 2003, America😍‼️ join tiktok at 4 December 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by childish._.girl.

103 3 hours ago

was this on the for you or following page ? 🤔💓 comment your favorite food 🍟 #foryou #featureme

272 6 days ago

almost messed up 😭 what was your favorite childhood move ?? 💓#foryou #featureme

218 7 days ago

request some dance challenges so i could do them 💓💓 #foryou #featureme

301 8 days ago

if you could travel anywhere where would you go ? ✈️ #foryou #featureme

1,623 9 days ago

what grade are you guys in?💓 #foryou #featureme

416 9 days ago

sound was stuck in my head i had to do it 💓 #duet with @justmakilah || #foryou #featureme

554 11 days ago

thank you guys for 33.5k love you guys so much 💓 #foryou #featureme

1,047 11 days ago

do you guys have pets if yes what type ? 💓 #foryou #featureme

925 11 days ago

cmmt “😬” if you’re going to be single for valentine’s day. cmmt “❤️” if you’re taken #foryou

427 12 days ago

duet this and tag me 💗 #foryou #featureme

137 12 days ago

i’m sorry for not positing i didn’t have my phone but i just got it back 😭 #foryou

716 1 month ago

smileeee :)) guysss would you ever want to meet me ? #foryou #featureme