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7teen Mommy to Maddox South Carolina

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@qveen.jordan76 on Tiktok have full name is THEJORDOXFAM , Born on May 23, 2000, THEJORDOXFAM join tiktok at 23 February 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by qveen.jordan76.

653 2 hours ago

@_jordoxfam_ going live in like 15-30 mins

1,831 2 hours ago

Y’all saying @trinityking.14 ain’t my cousin but she is love you ♥️♥️#lovemycousin

994 1 day ago

Since y’all wanted proof which is stupid.... my favorite rapper SIKWorld dmed me

3,491 1 day ago

MY favorite rapper dmed me on Instagram I’m shaking 😍 but y’all go listen to SIK WORLD

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7,051 1 day ago

My baby daddy left the day after he got me pregnant he was 16 I was 14 🤷🏻♀️but we co parent now

6,000 2 days ago

Can we get this to go viral haha my kid is too cute

2,471 2 days ago

Since people wanna hate on my smile haha

10,098 2 days ago

🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄stop body shaming people & telling them to get braces

3,942 2 days ago

Stop assuming stuff when y’all aren’t living my life

2,356 3 days ago

MEE TOO 😱😱 going live on my other account @_jordoxfam_

3,839 3 days ago

Had a baby at 14 & I’m still going I posted a new pic on Ig make sure to go like it

3,804 5 days ago

everything happens for a reason I’m going live on my other account @_jordoxfam_

22,440 5 days ago

IM SICK idk what I got 🙄but still gotta take care of son he’s doesn’t want mommy sick

4,164 6 days ago

#duet with @trinityking.14 I hung up those lights in her room 🤣😍

6,748 6 days ago

@trinityking.14 y’all go follow my cousin... yes she’s my real cousin it’s my moms sisters kid 😂

7,469 6 days ago

He’s my son , had him at 14 , I had emergency c-section at 32 weeks

5,749 7 days ago

I’m gonna go live on my other account @_jordoxfam_ to explain how I’m homeless

4,168 7 days ago

Y’all stop blaming me for my whole family being kicked out I was helping with bills soo

3,613 8 days ago

Follow my Instagram to keep up with us & where we go from here

15,100 8 days ago

I’m homeless me & Maddox are staying with his dads mom until Thursday

9,889 8 days ago

Staying at Maddox dads moms house until Thursday while my parents get a hotel