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Don’t worry, beef patty

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@i_love_fartz on Tiktok have full name is Sharty, Sharty join tiktok at 14 April 2016. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by i_love_fartz.

5 6 hours ago

Rip off eboy thats late to the trend.

23 21 days ago

This wanst real just fyi

2 21 days ago

I fear for my life

1 21 days ago

We famous yet?

2 21 days ago

#duet with @slippyjtoad69

1 21 days ago

#duet with @jaidendied eboys

2 21 days ago

I hate everyone else.

5 1 month ago

#duet with @brokeboybeck

3 2 months ago

#duet with @ryanbuscus723 damn shawty

10 2 months ago

Am i cute and edgy and quirky and cute and cool and awkward and edgy and quirkster

3 5 months ago

#duet with @biscuit0889 i hit women and i’ll hit you too. Welcome to tik tok.

3 5 months ago

#duet with @davidallison6 depth

6 5 months ago

Im scurred

20 5 months ago

#duet with @devdattadw just alike

6 5 months ago

#duet with @haleylothert my sister

5 5 months ago

#duet with @nissan87 @haydizzzle

34 5 months ago

#duet with @thepeemsster

4 5 months ago

#duet with @awesomebean92