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•follow the Gram↗️• Arizona State 22’ Yes, I have a 5 head. 19 y/o

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@damnitmyah on Tiktok have full name is Myah, Born on April 19, 2000, Myah join tiktok at 12 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by damnitmyah.

5 17 minutes ago

Idk what this is but enjoy it

4,028 1 day ago

Took a week to make. Got braces today!!!

115 6 days ago

When u go into work and the store is a mess🤦🏼♀️😩

100 6 days ago

Oh no I’m the cringy adult that makes videos at work 😩 get this broke bit on the #foryourpage

114 7 days ago

Love and miss you forever ❤️ your time was too short

450 12 days ago

When someone says “I’ll be speaking to your manager”

67 13 days ago

#duet with @cursedvideoz

150 15 days ago

recreate the tik tok that made you famous 😂😂 ngl my original video was cringe af and I regret it

91 15 days ago

update: all healed from getting 4 teeth pulled. Braces in two weeks.yes, I’m paying for them myself

49 15 days ago

Gonna remake but had to post bc LOOK HOW SMOOTH THAT WAS. I’m proud

59 22 days ago

I got 4 teeth pulled today. Love that for me🙃

50 25 days ago

I have 13K followers but not one of them be liking my videos. Smhhhh

12 25 days ago

It would be a crime if I didn’t post at least 2 #egirl vids before the #trends over😝

75 29 days ago

Not having straight teeth don’t make u ugly. Embrace it.

487 29 days ago

#duet with @spacecadetmollie my neck don’t match my face don’t attack me😂😭

57 1 month ago

This was like an awkward mix up of nows videos and 2015’s lmao

69 1 month ago

Lmao I need to stop

37 1 month ago

Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I lost my baby😔 sound up for lil mews at the end💔

37 1 month ago

Been on this app since 2015 and still can’t do transitions. It’s fine I’m fine.

433 1 month ago

Your age plus the number of siblings you have is how many pets you’ll have in the future