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Love u babes💘🦖🤪💓🤩 18 Sc- dancingali Goal~400k

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@alexyoumazzo on Tiktok have full name is Alexyoumazzo, Alexyoumazzo join tiktok at 8 April 2016. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by alexyoumazzo.

53,074 1 day ago

This was so fun to make #foryou #tiktok

3,847 1 day ago

Still dying so here’s some privates I nvr posted🤪 #foryou

6,232 2 days ago

currently dying in bed w strep throat but go follow me on Instagram if ya don’t already 💓 #foryou

2,770 4 days ago

Sorry for not posting n going live as much I’m extremely busy and very sick rn:(💓 #foryou

8,830 5 days ago

my little minions 🦖 #foryou #tiktok

11,891 5 days ago

Who else loves dory💙 #foryou

6,801 6 days ago

The Teenage mind is a scary place #foryou #tiktok

14,867 7 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day❤️❤️ he makes me the happiest girl in the world🤪 @_bwalsh_ #foryou

10,761 10 days ago

actually this is a lie my boyfriend is cooler then me ;)🤪 #jk #foryou #tiktok

5,644 10 days ago

Just some quality content #foryou

9,075 10 days ago

Some of my best dance moves honestly #foryou

49,003 12 days ago

And this is story of how I found out I had dyslexia #foryou

7,291 12 days ago

#duet with @redviking1975 THANK YOU FOR THE IM VERY RICH!!!!❤️

22,290 14 days ago

sad I turned off comments Bc you guys were being so mean to eachother try some love (check comments)

7,462 14 days ago

This song makes me so happy :( How’s your day going? ❤️

18,717 14 days ago

cause you had ur chance 🤷🏼♀️ #foryou

195,819 14 days ago

i pROmIsE i wAs nOt rEAdInG tHe LyRicS i kNow tHe soNg #foryou

7,932 14 days ago

See I was gonna make it serious then I sneezed so enjoy #foryou #tiktok

29,630 17 days ago

Don’t ever hide who you are:) #foryou I challenge you to do the same w this #donthideyourdiffrences

22,353 17 days ago

Have you ever read someone’s diary?? 🤠 #foryou

5,014 18 days ago

I love every one of you with all my heart ❤️ #foryou #tiktok

8,889 19 days ago

GO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YT CHANNEL IN MY BIO!! I’ll post my first vid after 500 subs #foryou