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@savannagreenhill on Tiktok have full name is LilSavv🍃, Born on December 13, 2002, LilSavv🍃 join tiktok at 19 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by savannagreenhill.

2 3 days ago

miserable. 🍃✨💜 #foryou

24 1 month ago

i wish everyone would like this 💫 #foryoupage

66 1 month ago

hi i’m sav i’m 16 and i made this cringy tik tok in 2019🌼 #foryoupage

17 2 months ago

i get it hot like a sauna⛅️🧡 #foryoupage

24 2 months ago

wouldn’t it be great if everyone that saw this liked it 🍭 #foryou

321 2 months ago

i’m so tired of being taken for granted. 💫 #foryou

9 3 months ago

what the fuck are those😅👻✨ #foryou

17 3 months ago

welp my dad found my juul today 🤗 #foryou

6 3 months ago

by the way...💫🌿✨ #foryou

18 3 months ago

stressed outtttt #foryou

18 4 months ago

i’m not single but anywayssss🤷🏼♀️ #lipsync #foryou

19 4 months ago

goodbyee👋🏻👅 #foryou