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L(G)B(T)🤧 he/him/his 💞🤠🤧 I shit post a lot i cosplay too tho

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@failurekingadam on Tiktok have full name is Adam💞, Adam💞 join tiktok at 8 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by failurekingadam.

0 3 minutes ago

i might 2-tone my hair,bleached and black??

10 2 days ago

my babies❣

5 6 days ago

credits:@jennyvalencia40 Im missin X a lot too💔🤦♂️ Man im so messed up about this

6 6 days ago

the debate between hearing those 2 lines,their both in the song🤦♂️Disturbida!♡

7 6 days ago

can anyone else hear the sadness in her voice?I was 2 when it was launched💔

6 6 days ago

ft my cat bc shes cute

8 6 days ago

i fw this song hardcore,my misfit kids wya?💞

4 7 days ago

#duet with @meh.its__ehh pretty true,,

4 8 days ago

fun fact:On Cinco de Mayo i got really drunk w/my friend and we made out.We arent friends now

4 8 days ago

my brother put this GIANT KFC sticker on the wall before i moved in and my i put my flag over it🤦♂

4 8 days ago

dw @caydonwinchester my right vs left hand??its WEIRD

3 9 days ago

duetting this untill my bf comes back:day 4(day 13 irl :( )

1 9 days ago

my little brother wanted to do this 🤷♂️🤠

0 10 days ago

i'll duet it once i know the lyrics,i like the audio tho

1 10 days ago

when you just want to lead the revalution but your wife says no

1 10 days ago

02' is obviously the best?

8 10 days ago

i cant tell you how many tries this took.. #eyechallenge #foryoupage #foryou #challenge

1 10 days ago

day 3 of duetting this untill my bf comes back(day 12 irl)

2 11 days ago

duetting everyday untill my bf comes back:Day 2(day 11 irl)

1 11 days ago

depression is a thing ://

2 13 days ago

#duet with im not cute but you can have this..

3 13 days ago

always listen to the audio in full kids..

2 13 days ago

#duet with @clownlocal me to lets go :')

3 13 days ago

dueting this everyday untill my bf comes back(day 10 irl) #duetthiseveryday @trashmouth.cosplay 💜