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just got back on this app lol im a sophomore and from austin, tx🤙

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@allie.potts on Tiktok have full name is allie potts;), Born on January 1, 2003, allie potts;) join tiktok at 18 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by allie.potts.

2 4 months ago

tell me where your love lies

5 4 months ago

this vid of my sister Lorrie taped to a wall went viral😂

8 4 months ago

Milo screwed it up

3 4 months ago

hey how you doin...

5 4 months ago

loving the special effects

9 4 months ago

pt.2 which one do you like better? #drawing #timelapsedraw #sideprofile

5 4 months ago

gonna do some drawing vids today... #drawing #featureme

5 4 months ago

#duet with little me lol last one im having fun but #wutangshirt #glowup

5 4 months ago

#duet with old me lmao #glowup

5 4 months ago

#duet with old me hehe #glowup

4 4 months ago

#duet with my however year old self #whatthehellll

5 4 months ago

these are fun @ttaylorswieczz