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hi loves 19 snap / twitter / venmo: victoriabachlet 💛follow me on insta💛

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@victoriabachlet on Tiktok have full name is Victoria Bachlet, Born on January 1, 1999, Victoria Bachlet join tiktok at 14 January 2016. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by victoriabachlet.

2,188 4 hours ago

really bad vid, but i hope u all had an AMAZING day!!!!! ILY🤩🤩 #foryou #trend #foryoupage

4,850 1 day ago

some people say we are twins #duet with @liladvil77 #foryou

5,566 1 day ago

hol’up✋🏼 @zojohnson3 #foryou

9,029 1 day ago

ur cute genes😉 @zojohnson3 #foryou

19,269 2 days ago

duet this if you have a big iron like mine🤠🤠 #foryou

122,659 2 days ago

mom that man is in our basement again... #foryou

21,071 2 days ago

don’t mess w me:) #foryou

2,753 2 days ago

i was having my own dance party🤩🤩go follow me on insta @victoriabachlet #foryou

8,895 2 days ago

don’t worry bout it sweathearrrrrt❤️ #foryou

14,231 3 days ago

somethings wrong with my friend guys. #foryou

5,236 5 days ago

first take, hate the way i look when i sing & could be better but u guys wanted it:) #foryou

16,579 6 days ago

here’s the first take & a fail😎 #foryou

9,703 6 days ago

peep my doggo falling off the bed #icantdance #foryou

52,543 7 days ago

love goofing off w this kiddo☺️🦋 @joey_klaasen

8,538 7 days ago

with. duhhhh. #duet with @carson3059

10,535 7 days ago

welcome to my living room☺️ #littlebrother

9,760 8 days ago

#duet with @reggigin thank you so much for the dq!!! ilyyyy💞

144,031 9 days ago

this is going to be a long 3 weeks. ty for making me genuinely happy💞@joey_klaasen

10,301 9 days ago

going live 2night!!! not sure what time, so turn on post notifs💞 &here’s a little vid from snap(:

13,497 10 days ago

#duet with @brandoalibrandi tysm for the dq!!!!!!😊

21,794 11 days ago

u guys asked for it, so here u go!! first time we met & first vid we took😜 @joey_klaasen

9,881 11 days ago

#duet with @iconicxhails ytb girl! thank you for the dq! ily💞 #foryou

12,341 11 days ago

#duet with @av_volleyball_cheer tysm for the dq!!! ilysm💗💗

478,925 12 days ago

WE MET!!!! ty tiktok🤩🤩 @joey_klaasen