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@aviannaaaaaa on Tiktok have full name is Avianna, Born on January 1, 2001, Avianna join tiktok at 29 June 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by aviannaaaaaa.

1,346 1 day ago

I never related to something so much, I haven’t made one real female friend since middle school:(

947 2 days ago

Ah this song reminds me of the good ole musically days.did you have this app before Tik Tok? #foryou

78 2 days ago

This song is stuck in my headddd asksksksks #foryou

74 2 days ago

Like what? :) #foryou

203 4 days ago

Excuse my hair, I don’t feel like dealing with it today 🙂 #comedy #relatable #foryou #short

248 5 days ago

Idk why he dates me 😂 #comedy #couple #cringe I’m annoying 😂

70 5 days ago

#duet with @squeak1 thank you for the support girl, means the world💞 hope you have a great dayyyy

63 5 days ago

#duet with @danielaaaa.x , your amazing thanks for the support girly 💞 means the world!

79 5 days ago

#duet with @zoeyburton2004 thanks for a the support girly ❣️ you’re awesome :)

345 5 days ago

:) this songs gives off such good vibes #foryou

123 6 days ago

Gonna be doing duets with people who go follow me on insta 💘 try and get me too 1200! #foryou

102 9 days ago

Today went from decent to horrible real quick :/😣

85 9 days ago

Snow day! How’s your day going?

88 10 days ago

😂😂😂 Kim

3,702 11 days ago

Did it for the transitions 😂👀❄️ #foryou #harderthenitlooks #stillnotthatgood

80 11 days ago

She acts as if she’s the baddest🤩 #foryou

181 13 days ago

Where’s my active people at?! #lipsync #bored #foryou

113 13 days ago

So much snow 😍❄️ how do you feel ab snow? I loveee it

130 14 days ago

Lets just be real 👀 #foryou

152 15 days ago

#duet with @boogiecee she killed it!🤩

1,201 18 days ago

This is actually a conversation we’d have🙂😍 #foryou

283 18 days ago

made him try to learn it with me, we failed but it was fun♥️ he just goes too hard😂 #duet #couple

146 18 days ago

He fell for it 🥰😂 #couple