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thought my username would be funny not realizing i can’t change it for 30 days

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@ganggangthotiana on Tiktok have full name is Jenna, Born on January 1, 1994, Jenna join tiktok at 30 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by ganggangthotiana.

32 14 hours ago

this ones for ruby / also wtf is my dog doing #onlygoodloop #foryou

31 2 days ago

i’m sorry if u see this

88 2 days ago

still day 13- @briwooddd told me i didn’t do it hard enough so i give up pce

69 2 days ago

day 13- going strong‼️first try’s never go well but whatever

65 3 days ago

#duet with @maddyrose0510 meet my skater best friend

67 3 days ago

day 12- no i’m not taking these pants off yes i’m going to school looking like this👍

400 5 days ago

this took me 13 min to make but it takes 0.8 seconds to like #foryou

70 5 days ago

day 10- diff ending inspired by ari and bri // new chain coming soon🤩

46 5 days ago

perry the platypus 🥰🤪🥵💞❤️💗🤩😍

151 7 days ago

day 8- restarting and doing it more intense everyday until i’m famous

118 8 days ago

day 7- your welcome arianna

84 9 days ago

day 6- hi

89 11 days ago

day 4- rough day even tho i hit it pretty hard

483 12 days ago

day 3– also comp day also i’m dying of tiredness

113 14 days ago

doing this more intense everyday until i cant do it anymore

109 16 days ago

but @davidgeipel14 is the real one