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1k by bday 82.4? thx for followin💕smile🙃creeps get blocked💁💕🍍ily!

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@kayleemartin28 on Tiktok have full name is kaykay❤{1k¿?}😩, Born on August 24, 1998, kaykay❤{1k¿?}😩 join tiktok at 6 April 2017. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by kayleemartin28.

9 1 day ago

well I'm back

19 1 day ago

true @destinypaigewager @itz_haley_here14 @kristacarter1 @yooo.itshaylee

11 1 day ago

the government is spying on me!😱😭help!!! #foryoupage

8 1 day ago

things will get better❤

9 2 days ago

my cherry cola🍹🍸

13 2 days ago

I got checked out early cause I was throwing up😷🤒😔

14 3 days ago

Emily ~was my BFF a lot has changed for the best😭😭

13 3 days ago

like if you want to see more of my ex best friends stuff that I had

14 3 days ago

@destinypaigewager @kristacarter1

13 6 days ago

he wanted my attention 💕💕

12 6 days ago

happy valentine's day❣💕based on your likes u are (taken)12560 (single)34789

13 6 days ago

kourtney 💕and krista💕

9 6 days ago

can iplz join @śłìmé_śìśtérš

10 6 days ago

I'm so in love with u

11 8 days ago

your the jelous type(1-2-5-7-3)your not(4-6-8-0-9)(last # of the likes . #foryourpage

13 9 days ago

I ain't getting on my knees..

14 13 days ago

go follow her guys and comment and like 5 of my vids if u want one! #foryoupage