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@.merysa on Tiktok have full name is merysa🇩🇴, Born on November 17, 2000, merysa🇩🇴 join tiktok at 29 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by .merysa.

43 2 days ago

Comment (💗) if you are taken comment (😩) if you are single I want to know the answers #foryou

91 4 days ago

COMMENT IF YOU HAVE A IG CRUSH 😭😩#foryou #foryourpage

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COMMENT if you are in 1st grade and higher #featureme #foryou #foryourpage 💗

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COMMENT IF YIU GOT A Seizure watching this😂😂#dominicangang #dominicana ##foryou #duet #eyes

913 3 months ago

Let’s just be honest comment if you are 8 and older🤪 #dominicana #dominicanrepublic #dominicangang

2,785 3 months ago

My mom is Dominican and my dad is Dominican #dominicana #dominicangang

178 7 months ago

Get this too 300 like and on the for you page I will hug random people 😂💀 #foryou

321 7 months ago

My said said if this gets 30k likes I have to jump in to a pool of hot sauce #foryou #like 😂

177 8 months ago

Me with no makeup 💀💀😂 like if I look good 💀💗

160 9 months ago

I bet y’all 1million dollars you can’t like this with your lips🚨🚨

151 9 months ago

inspired by @biggbräzzÿbęlla

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#l4l #like4like #featureme #feature DONT BE RUDE LIKE IT 😂💗

158 1 year ago

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135 1 year ago

Duet this I will repost it