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@capitainpunch on Tiktok have full name is Osas Bändó, Born on January 1, 2000, Osas Bändó join tiktok at 11 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by capitainpunch.

3,128 8 hours ago

I saw this on Instagram and had to do it

1,311 1 day ago

Last TikTok I swear

1,287 1 day ago

I freestyles and I came out nice I am proud

1,472 1 day ago

-insert dolphin noise here-

1,679 1 day ago

My mom took away my switch what is worse than that @lovedivinee

5,124 1 day ago

#duet with @dulz_entertain WE OUT HERE!!!!

1,096 1 day ago

#duet with @rcppcj I reached 5 stars guys I am unbeatable

5,003 1 day ago

keep the chain going guys #foryou

3,110 2 days ago

Keep the chain going guys

1,854 2 days ago

I really like this song it's so catchy

4,223 2 days ago

Can someone help me play 2k my player isn't moving

3,480 5 days ago

Pinya colanda

4,179 5 days ago

Ha you thought I was in my bag -hits them with the true heart emote-

2,725 5 days ago

P.S.A if you can't default dance to a song the song is basura 🚮

20,972 5 days ago

who gon tell him pt 4

1,849 5 days ago

-star powers while crying-

4,739 5 days ago

Just dance be like....