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{Comedian/Actor/Singer} Silly Girl Wit Big Dreams #sosillygang

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8 2 months ago

Hey y’all. I missed you guys

11 4 months ago

These glasses 😍

15 4 months ago

Pretty 😽

240 4 months ago

Them Whispering: How Do She Live Her Best Life like that !! ME: “Watch Me”

23 4 months ago

#viral #facts you feel me ladies

23 4 months ago

Hey Pretty Ladies 😘 #pretty

25 4 months ago

Do y’all like my nails.? 🙃 Be patient with me, priorities is a must. I will start being activesoon

27 4 months ago

I love it!! Ctfu Thanks For doing a reaction to my voice 💞 @keiondre_lamar25 #featureme

41 4 months ago

Can you believe it 🤣

16 4 months ago

What’s your favorite song

69 4 months ago

Oh so you Mad mad lol #pretty like if you’re pretty

32 5 months ago

Im just saying

45 5 months ago

Hey Siri.. Text My Side N*gga 🤣 Prank war #jokes he don’t think it’s funny now..! Why so serious

48 5 months ago