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Instagram: @javilq✔️ Youtube: Javier Luna Single ♥️ [email protected]

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@javilq on Tiktok have full name is Javi Luna, Javi Luna join tiktok at 9 January 2016. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by javilq.

23,416 9 hours ago

How I was created 😂 who else would you put in the mix? 😎 #comedy #duetme / Ïnstàgrâm: javilq

49,486 14 hours ago

@uniquelymarina pranked me! 😂😂 Do you think I should get a new haircut? 😎 / Ïnstägràm: javilq

64,282 1 day ago

I think she doesn’t like when I play guitar lol😂😂 @uniquelymarina #comedy /Înstàgrâm:javilq

22,834 1 day ago

#duet with @aryy_loves thank you so much for the gifts in the livestream! Love you guys ♥️

13,128 1 day ago

#duet with @redneckjustin89 thank you so much for the DQs yesterday! You guys are amazing 😃🙏🏼

183,670 2 days ago

What movie is this from? 😉 @katjaglieson @benjackson1111 #comedy / Înstágràm: javilq

960,350 3 days ago

@katjaglieson pranked me! I got so scared 😅do u prank ur friends? @benjackson1111 /Înstàgrám:javilq

22,332 3 days ago

#duet with @reggigin thank you so much for all the dq! Love you guys with all my ♥️

239,348 4 days ago

Wait until the end!😉 Did u guys know about this?😎 @katjaglieson @benjackson1111 /Înstágràm:javilq

200,391 4 days ago

...I guess that didn’t work out lol 😂 😂 @marinaswrld #comedy #duetme #reactothis/Înstàgrám: javilq

256,267 5 days ago

ALWAYS be nice and kind to everyone and help each other😊@homegirlang @steadyhandz Înstàgrám:javilq

367,582 5 days ago

Funniest person on Tik tok @rickychainz she is too funny 😂😂 #comedy / Înstàgrám: javilq

82,742 6 days ago

That was close 😅 Would you do this for your friend? 😉 @homegirlang @steadyhandz /Înstàgrám: javilq

197,236 6 days ago

I thought he was gonna break it😂 What phone do u guys have?😃 #comedy @steadyhandz/Înstàgrám:javilq

319,264 7 days ago

How cool is this? 🔥 #foryou #duetme #reacttothis / Ïnstágràm: javilq

22,969 7 days ago

Hey guys! Go F0llow me on Înstàgrám: javilq 😃😃 I’m F0llowing a lot back 🔥

244,249 8 days ago

Who do you think I look like? 😃 #comedy #foryou #duetme #reacttothis / Ïnstàgrám: javilq

224,764 9 days ago

Why would she say that 💔 / Ïnstàgrám: javilq

155,828 9 days ago

Here’s the tutorial 😂 #comedy #foryou / Ïnstàgräm: javilq

105,651 10 days ago

Rate this video from 1 to 10 😃 w/ @thisisangelic #dance #foryou #cowboygang / Ïnstàgrám: javilq

185,516 10 days ago

I’m so strong guys 😂😂 How many pushups can you do? 💪🏼 #comedy #foryou #prank / Ïnstàgrâm:javilq

125,119 10 days ago

Wait! What was that at the end?? Can anyone tell me? It scared me so much! 😱/ Ïnstàgràm:javilq

206,250 11 days ago

This was the first song I ever sang on Disney Channel 🎤🎼 Which one was your fav?/ Înstàgräm:javilq

167,218 12 days ago

I hate this sound it made me spill my fav soda 🥤 😂😂 what’s your fav soda? 😃 / Ïnstàgräm: javilq