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Maryland🦀 Asian & Native American Níneteeń 12.04 Everleigh👶🏼

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@sasspirillo on Tiktok have full name is c a s s , Born on January 1, 1999, c a s s join tiktok at 22 May 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by sasspirillo.

227 6 hours ago

I’m in West Virginia rn !🙃 in a ski trip 🤪

784 3 days ago

Trynna be active but I’m super busy, WE MADE IT TO 17k though‼️😍❤️

564 4 days ago

Stopping by to say i miss y’all!❤️ add my snap @ sasspirillo to stay updated.💕

765 6 days ago

I’m taking a break, if you have me on snap you kno things aren’t ok... i love you guys❤️

449 11 days ago

If you know where this sound is from... i love you🙃

17,557 11 days ago

I was in the middle of burping her , but mamas has my Asian bug eyes😂❤️😘

491 13 days ago

Holyyyy, were almost to 16k!❤️ Thank you for all the love ! We love you !❤️

492 13 days ago

Still going

962 14 days ago

Daughters is Dawn && Mines Mae ✌🏽

242 16 days ago

99 Problems 🤷🏽♀️

13,020 16 days ago

Just Keep Swimming.

749 18 days ago

Y’all... WEVE MADE IT TO 15k‼️😭❤️

1,498 19 days ago

Ft. My slippersss.🤪

315 19 days ago

Embracing the natural hair && Bare Face!🙃

937 19 days ago

Literally wtf... my last post... IS THE SAME BABY. I have one child. Y’all weird yo.

17,481 21 days ago

This took awhile since I’ve missed so many days🤦🏽♀️😂 But my almost 2 month old !🥰