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💜target: 2k fanz💜


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@rupert123 on Tiktok have full name is 💜target: 2k fanz💜, 💜target: 2k fanz💜 join tiktok at 22 May 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by rupert123.

13 4 days ago

my little baby xx😍❤

9 5 days ago

bored x txt me on snapchat if were friends x

11 6 days ago

(old draft)

13 6 days ago

@ashley_timmy honestly love u all the world xx❤ ur my world xx❤ you're mi boii xx❤😍🐎🐎

17 6 days ago

not the best

8 6 days ago

#react to @thiskid505

9 6 days ago

#react to @thiskid505 . y tho

12 6 days ago

not the best xx and bored

10 6 days ago

@ashley_timmy love u x always be by ur side thru thick 'n' thin xx

10 8 days ago

@lucyeverett08 xx using this sound till I get famous xx (next year: "still not famous")

12 8 days ago

prove that you dont get famous by using this sound. go follow @ashley_timmy

11 8 days ago

the first part tho🤣she made a new fortnite dance called the wiggle floss🤣Caitlyn is so so funny🤣

18 8 days ago

TAKE THE L !!!!! Ayyyyyyyy!!! YA YEET😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

14 8 days ago

we're stupid😂

13 8 days ago

SLEEPOVER!! Caitlyn is so funny!😂😝and crazy😂😝💕 caitlin (my sis) and Caitlyn my sisters friend😝

8 8 days ago

my sisters friend xx Haha shes so funny❤❤

16 8 days ago

my sisters birthday at The Windmill Sambucas! xx❤😝😝😝

12 25 days ago

@gracie_jane_harman love u all the world xx always been best friends and always will xx❤😍🤞🏼

19 25 days ago

tik tok at school with mi bezi @gracie_jane_harman love her😍❤ done this in de girls toilets😂💕

11 26 days ago

@shanan24 love u all the world x whatever u go thru thick or thin I will always go thru it with u❤

11 26 days ago

@shanan24 always by ur side xx my world x 1 in a million xx💕😍bezi 4 ever no matter what happens❤