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@woahits_jonas on Tiktok have full name is Jonas Bridges , Born on March 20, 2001, Jonas Bridges join tiktok at 30 May 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by woahits_jonas.

12,752 10 hours ago

He’s too smooth I swear 😂❤️#foryoupage #tiktok

7,370 10 hours ago

i got this the first try. Why does everyone think it’s hard ? Comment below if you got it.. ❤️❤️

2,524 10 hours ago

Do you know what they say ? Comment below 👀 #tiktok #foryoupage

105,743 2 days ago

Do the #handcuffchallenge W someone u can’t live without #JustYouAndI by @iamtomwalker @sonymusicid

68,065 2 days ago

Watch the end omg someone send help #tiktok #foryoupage

13,420 2 days ago

Do this sound to your dog and see what they do #pets #tiktok

24,750 2 days ago

How many of these songs do you know ? Comment below of all the songs. #tiktok #foryoupage

48,670 3 days ago

How parents be @its_nupur #tiktok #foryoupage

94,983 3 days ago

We couldn’t stop laughing after this @its_nupur #tiktok #foryoupage

13,862 3 days ago

I’m a christian 🙏🏼❤️ #tiktok

91,478 7 days ago

She didn’t know th audio I was playing 😂 #tiktok #foryoupage

37,808 7 days ago

Too much Jennifer Lopez 😂 #foryoupage #tiktok

27,499 7 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to my bebe ❤️❤️ @its_nupur

118,541 8 days ago

Me as a kid 😂 @its_nupur #foryoupage #tiktok

34,321 8 days ago

Good job trey you did good. 🔥#foryoupage #tiktok

30,642 8 days ago

Literally guys on games 😂 @its_nupur #foryoupage #tiktok

16,519 9 days ago


12,970 9 days ago

She wouldn’t finish it 😫😫 @its_nupur #tiktok #foryoupage

8,754 10 days ago

It’s a couple thing ?¿ have you ever done that ? #tiktok #foryoupage

26,001 10 days ago

What do you hear ? “I feel like a monster” or “its too close for comfort” comment below I wanna know

175,347 11 days ago

Do you like vegetables?? @its_nupur #foryoupage #tiktok 😳😫

28,003 11 days ago

I got cuties now from @its_nupur #foryoupage #tiktok