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I am a 19 year old i have a daughter and an amazing boyfriend @laughing Jack

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@darkmama20 on Tiktok have full name is darkmama20, Born on January 1, 1999, darkmama20 join tiktok at 13 March 2016. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by darkmama20.

1 1 day ago

lml foster sis in le shot XD

0 1 day ago

beleave it or not I love regular #milk

0 1 day ago

this is me without my beautiful makeup

0 2 days ago

lml XD #comedy #funny

0 3 days ago

Where’s my mama Up in this #hospital

0 3 days ago

ima do another part later plus my oc part when I get the chance

7 3 days ago

I literally just give up #puzzle

1 3 days ago

I believe in lots of things you posibly don't XD

0 3 days ago

legs with mama and cuzo/lil bro

2 5 days ago

went from happy to mad XD

3 5 days ago

#duet with @darkmama20 process part 2

2 5 days ago

I have finished my water girl #artwork idk what to name her with element is next XD

0 5 days ago

#react to @kevindanielmartin did this yesterday on my boyfriend account XD go follow him

1 6 days ago

#duet with @madison_623 progress part 1

2 6 days ago

this is my lunch at work today XD

1 7 days ago

#duet with @darkmama20 hiya lml XD

2 8 days ago

hey guys this is a #fire inspired drawing I did I love it next I'm going to do water