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@elixcintron on Tiktok have full name is eli cintron (244.8k), Born on April 10, 2002, eli cintron (244.8k) join tiktok at 29 June 2016. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by elixcintron.

2,856 13 hours ago

are u single or taken or talking to someone? i’m single:(:

3,479 13 hours ago

cmt ur name, whoever likes ur cmt would be ur friend. i need new ones so plz do:)

4,474 14 hours ago

what’s ur opinion on being called babygirl?

4,429 1 day ago

lmao @rebeccababyxx

4,981 1 day ago

the fact that she thinks it’s a cute audio,,, i just dubbed her.🤭💀

7,051 3 days ago

turned my sister into an e-girl 😬

6,679 3 days ago

if you could would you date me?

3,581 3 days ago

opinions on my dying my hair grey?

5,221 3 days ago

oh shooo where my soul mate at?🤗 #tinder 2.0 #comedy

5,104 3 days ago

my friend wouldn’t leave me alone. #blooper #dance #comedy

6,230 5 days ago

yuh heard it y’all, LIKE IT UP!😨 (lmr on instagram- @elixcintron)

6,049 5 days ago

i’m sorry dood i had to find out why you said not to do it...😬 #foryoupage #foryou #trend

5,995 5 days ago

i’m spongebobs body guard, sorry patrick.🤠 #foryoupage #foryou #trend #comedy

3,034 5 days ago

where my e-girls/e-boys at?

8,577 5 days ago

peep the double chin at the end, also hmu im single & lookin for a tiktok wife;)

4,337 5 days ago

do you want a tattoo if so where & what

7,192 5 days ago

follow this cutie @bhadbhаbіз she’s my everything.🤗

4,077 5 days ago

baby gurl💕

5,477 8 days ago

who else is riding solo this valentine’s day w/ me?😪

15,201 9 days ago

bye bye apple i only know battery phones now...😪 #foryoupage #comedy #trend #featureme