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@indigö on Tiktok have full name is 🖤, Born on January 1, 2001, 🖤 join tiktok at 14 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by indigö.

2,900 20 hours ago

#duet with @skylerbaylie i tried💀 Imma delete it when it flops 😂

1,678 5 days ago

Ok but why am I actually the most awkward human on the face of the earth

410 5 days ago

I’ve been so inactive 😭 sorry yall

339 10 days ago

Ugh I love this song smmm😭🖤

394 14 days ago

I’m proud of this😂

288 24 days ago

Hey y’all, I’m gonna be temporarily deleting tik tok so I’ll catch ya later.

849 1 month ago

And there ya have it folks

1,486 1 month ago

I spend way too much of my time arguing with racists on tik tok🤦🏽♀️ fNuck y’all

557 1 month ago

It wasn’t long enough so I had to add that fun little ending snippet🙃😂

1,690 1 month ago

Right now with u ✨

263 1 month ago


486 1 month ago

I have so much reading that I didn’t do over break that’s due tomorrow. Procrastination is gr8

261 1 month ago

I’m pretty edgy If I do say so myself 😔✊🏽🤷🏽♀️🤠🤧

582 1 month ago

When you have to take a shit at a party but your song comes on

343 1 month ago

Blaym it on mah aye dee dee bayybay