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❤️Im fine 💔*brOKen Wassss goodie wit da hoodie ! ❤️I LOVE YOU 🔐

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51 4 months ago

I got a new phone but it’s and Samsung

48 4 months ago

No that is Oscar and can you guys stop asking

41 4 months ago

I’m getting a new phone !

43 4 months ago

We were watching @splashtwinz and he is trying to dance like them

51 4 months ago

Honestly really hard leaving him 💔!

65 4 months ago

It was hard leaving this one tonight ! I’ll see you tmr bsf !

53 4 months ago

Hanging out with Jacob , my girlfriend ! I’m excited

81 4 months ago

He had a big smile at the end

67 4 months ago

Something happened and so I ah two stau wth my step dad for a while