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@korinnepratt on Tiktok have full name is Korinne Elisabeth , Korinne Elisabeth join tiktok at 10 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by korinnepratt.

89 2 days ago

Bored af🤭🤭

87 2 days ago

This actually a bomb song🥰 #foryou

69 3 days ago

Alright. I fr need someone to love and be mine so help me out yall🥺 #foryou

131 3 days ago

Okay got it lmao after 9000000000000x of trying 🤣 #foryou

193 4 days ago

Do i look buzzed right now 😐🤭 #foryou

232 4 days ago

Call em up🤭🗣 #foryou

319 4 days ago

If you wanna be the bestie duet this🥺🥰 #foryou #foryoupage

99 7 days ago

I mean okayyy🤣🥰 #foryou

119 7 days ago

#duet with @evanatoredits he’s cute or whatever 🥺🥰 #foryou

539 7 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovers🥰 and if you’re single I’ll be your valentine 🥺❤️ #foryou

867 20 days ago

No happy bday for me☹️ #foryou

351 20 days ago

#duet with @cjb1995 👏🏼 #foryou

130 20 days ago

#duet with @magic_chrisw 🥰 #foryou

525 20 days ago

Why is this so hard to do 🤣🤣 #foryou

202 26 days ago

No smiles over here ☹️🥺 #foryou

178 26 days ago

Off this wavvveee #foryou

144 28 days ago

I’ll take care of you🥰 #foryou

1,299 29 days ago

Soooo my fans must have forgotten about me!!😭🥺 #foryou