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I was popular once.....

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@mirandalee789 on Tiktok have full name is Girl Gamer, Born on October 21, 1999, Girl Gamer join tiktok at 14 June 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by mirandalee789.

159 3 days ago

Dm me on Snapchat @ brandonrules13

1,663 3 days ago

When u forget the beauty filter also double stuff this #duet with @otisrocks101

220 4 days ago

I’m bored also look how much stuff I added to hide the ugly, except I forgot to turn the beauty f on

1,256 9 days ago

#duet with @bricknermon

3,186 1 month ago

Can we set the world record for the most likes by liking this duck. we can do it cmon #duckgang

1,070 1 month ago

#duet with @tay.tay367 chill out man damn

1,081 1 month ago

#WereTwins #Twins @maverickbaker ‘s chair and my chair should date

3,128 1 month ago

Cringe crew #duet with @hentaiclub69

966 1 month ago

Did i do this right #duet with @toastghostie

946 1 month ago

Why is his door handle so high wtf #react to @steakncheesepie

1,167 1 month ago

Anyone remember this sound from like 2 years ago

3,546 1 month ago

I know I ain’t hot I just had to flex my AirPods with fellow royalty #duet with @sagsgotbags #airpod