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Some call me Harley Engaged to @DOCFOWLER

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23 5 hours ago

Wolfs 💕 Meet Sky🐺

4 1 day ago

❗️GUYS❗️❗️if you’re from Ohio keep a look out and share this! Please!

70 2 days ago

What were u wearing the day it happened?don’t be afraid to speak, tell someone! #Assault #survivor

2,704 6 days ago

hope my kid never goes through this,specially seeing him with a new family and u meanin nothing 2him

31 11 days ago

This actually happened to me once 😂😂🤷🏼♀️

30 16 days ago

My trainers waiting for me and I’m here doing this 😂🏃🏼♀️🏃🏼♀️

1,419 18 days ago

I’m just gonna leave it in Gods hands #isurrender #foryou

7 23 days ago

Lana 💕

14 23 days ago

Happy bday to me💕

13 1 month ago

Was about to go to sleep sad you made my day, thanks love💕 #duet with @addy._.wall

13 1 month ago

The world will still turn without you.