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@jillianhopedraws on Tiktok have full name is Jillianhope, Jillianhope join tiktok at 2 December 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by jillianhopedraws.

515 4 days ago

Jughead from riverdale he’s a cutie I can’t wait for more episodes. Cmt if u watch riverdale?!?#draw

26 7 days ago

Guys go check out my new upload from Valentine’s Day!! 😘😘 #youtube #like #subscribe

555 19 days ago

Guys I have decided to start posting lipsyncs when I can’t post Art ones 2 try and stay active🦕?!

124 20 days ago

Do u guys only wnat to see drawling videos or occasionally meee lypsyncing?💕#draw #follow #like #7

1,351 22 days ago

Valentine’s Day is coming up guys got anyone special? #draw #commentbwxtdrawlingideas #checkyoutube

385 29 days ago

Was supposed to look 3D like the other persons I saw🙄I tryed guys I missed you!!❤️

552 1 month ago

Guys go watch my new upload on YouTube! @https://youtu.be/k9ak-TgzdDU ❤️

1,049 1 month ago

I honestly can’t make my drawlings colorful it’s not easy for me! I tried tho!Plz checkout my yt!💕

300 1 month ago

This is my fav thing to draw reminds me of my mother she was amazing. 🙈🤔🤙🏼❤️#drawing #angel

894 1 month ago

I’m not the best at people but I tried🙈guys make sure u check out my social media’s!!#comment #like

219 2 months ago

please go check out my new vid I just posted&my page I would really appreciate it cmt done when u do

110 2 months ago


540 2 months ago

DECEMBER 17th🎄Nightmare before Christmas! Who likes this movie..it was my moms favorite of all⭐️#hi

35,035 2 months ago

what do u guys think?ALSO I UPLAODED A YT VID GO CHECK IT OUT PLEASE! > Jillian Henderson 🥰

1,319 2 months ago

DECEMBER 10th🎄Reindeer with Santa hat🤩 #drawing #reindeer

4,612 2 months ago

Today is me and my boyfriends 7 months guys😘 I love u all sm! #drawling #drawlingchallenge

1,125 2 months ago

I’m going to try to post eveyother day until Christmas!Cmt ideas plz! I love u all sm!😘#drawing

1,168 2 months ago

Just posted a new YouTube video loves go check it out link in bio😘

2,605 3 months ago

In love with art it’s my therapy🌊🍍 should I do more painting videos?#art #featureme

3,170 3 months ago

Ari is so beautiful. Do u guys like this one?#drawings #featureme #behappy 😘

1,496 3 months ago

Which character is your favorite? Mines lilo😘 sorry guys I haven’t been active worked a lot this wk

1,266 3 months ago

MinnieMickey and my snake!guys should I start posting more on YouTube?Comment things I should post😘