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@djtaylortot on Tiktok have full name is Taylor, Born on September 5, 2002, Taylor join tiktok at 13 November 2018. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by djtaylortot.

8,060 3 days ago

#duet with @jaydecandance . This was fun to do 😄

6,814 3 days ago

My Canadian cousins wanted to make a Tik Tok with me#dance #foryou

10,043 13 days ago

Week 3 Challenge: @m1lk.tea. Don’t hurt yourself buddy :) #dance #foryou

4,803 15 days ago

#duet with @snappycakes. That’s the closest to synced that I can get man 😂. It’s hard matching this

3,778 15 days ago

I finally made an easy dance haha. Sound credit @dumbdoll #duet #dance

27,107 16 days ago

#duet with @uwumi. I know I’m really late to the tend but I really wanted to do this haha. I love it

5,169 16 days ago

@capitainpunch. I mean if you can’t beat em, join em 🤙🏻 #dance #foryou

4,711 21 days ago

Challenge 2: Me vs. @str4wberrym1lk. I’m terrible at these kinds of dances so she’ll probably win

5,630 22 days ago

No villagers allowed here 😤#meme #minecraft

6,834 25 days ago

Dang they got me real good with that. I totally wasn’t expecting it 😒

4,999 25 days ago

Come on Tik tok. What is this algorithm?#meme

5,531 25 days ago

Life Hacks #meme

5,431 27 days ago

#duet with @grandmaschxxchie I wanna use this mask more

4,140 27 days ago

#duet with @brainfree2e Lol this was really fun to do #dance

330,883 1 month ago

Can we make this a chain please? Haha#foryou

2,887 1 month ago

Vinh’s Choreos are literally my favorite lol#dance #foryou #duetthis

3,208 1 month ago

Starting a new thing doing a dance challenge to all my friends. Part 1: @rohann_asfaw. Good luck!

5,323 1 month ago

#duet with @yungnibb dancing makes people happy I guess

7,300 1 month ago

This trend is so dead idk why I even bothered making this #meme

4,071 1 month ago

If this doesn’t perfectly describe the reason for my break idk what does. Where my juniors at?#meme

5,471 1 month ago

Always wanted to choreograph to this song :) #dance #foryou #duetthis

2,359 1 month ago

@m1lk.tea I know it’s kinda late but I really liked this. #dance #foryou

5,724 1 month ago

I think my recording glitched #dance #duet