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Wolfgang “Wolfie”


💕💕💕 I’ll make Wolfie an Insta when we reach 500k

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@wolfiethepomsky on Tiktok have full name is Wolfgang “Wolfie” , Born on August 13, 1992, Wolfgang “Wolfie” join tiktok at 16 January 2019. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by wolfiethepomsky.

461 6 days ago

Wolfie loves food too much 🥰

356 6 days ago

Duets welcome! Don’t leave Wolfie hanging... give him a high five!!

363 7 days ago

Wolfie is hanging out with me while I fold laundry. Which face is your favorite? Funny is mine! 😍💕

592 9 days ago

Aw buddy the water is in the other bowl.

523 10 days ago

Wolfie bit his twins ear off!! Lol...What would you do if there were actually two wolfies though? 😍

1,254 13 days ago

Could Wolfie ever waste your life? Or is he too cute? 🤔

9,492 14 days ago

Hi my name is Wolfie and will you be my friend? :)

499 14 days ago

#duet with @jiffpom wolfie’s idol💕

1,006 14 days ago

The video that made Wolfie famous from @tahllataylor account 💕

482 15 days ago

Isn’t he so cute 😭😭😭

330 15 days ago

you think Wolfie knows how cute he actually is? Tag the person you’d want to go with to meet Wolfie!

2,944 19 days ago

Here’s a blooper from the video that made Wolfie famous!..guess Wolfie’s birthday in the comments🎂

552 19 days ago

Wolfie wanted my orange peels 😭🤣

1,631 19 days ago

Try number 3 🤣🤣 which one was your favorite?

4,005 19 days ago

Try number 2 lolol

443 19 days ago

Awwwww try 1 #alexa

5,235 27 days ago

This is Wolfie trying to be a cat.

34,361 27 days ago

Awwwww nooo .. did you scroll?

219,559 27 days ago


308 1 month ago

My human @tahllataylor reached 100k... congrats to her BORK BORK

450 1 month ago

My human needs to learn.

416 1 month ago

no hugs allowed ... HuMaN!!! #personalspace

479 1 month ago

Do you hear the audio go higher or lower each time you listen to it?

396 1 month ago

Wolfie loves his pets! #getsome