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go and die in a hole dude

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@smiley.selinx on Tiktok have full name is IZEL IS MY FAV , Born on January 1, 2003, IZEL IS MY FAV join tiktok at 25 December 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by smiley.selinx.

38 1 day ago

i’ll eat you whole :)

65 1 day ago

deep but true-

41 1 day ago

everyone go and follow @amyf.xox and get her to 2k!💘

36 1 day ago

i wish you were here with me💙👼🏼

67 1 day ago

wait for it

58 1 day ago

this took way to long this better be on the #foryoupage and get 100+ likes

51 2 days ago

recode this )9 -2-6 £93

51 2 days ago

my soulmate🤤

43 3 days ago

i don’t really know what this is tbh but hello, yes i’m still in my pjs cause i’m ill✌🏻

38 4 days ago


43 4 days ago

i’ve been feeling quite insecure lately 🤷🏼♀️

46 5 days ago

everyone follow @єммα.ℓσℓα @brennaj.xx @xamy_louise and spam them with likes💘🌍

57 5 days ago

i’ve still got some of my flexibility ig🤷🏼♀️

50 5 days ago

i’m sorry that you had to see a zoom in of my ugly face

62 6 days ago

@disneygang108- here is my audition💛

51 6 days ago

best time today ly all sm💘

67 9 days ago

@disneygang108- hope you like my audition💛

47 9 days ago

i’m trying to look more happy in my videos sks

34 9 days ago


37 10 days ago

happy birthday queen lysm @elíf.dσlαn