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@leonzel on Tiktok have full name is LeonZellers, Born on June 10, 1997, LeonZellers join tiktok at 28 December 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by leonzel.

690 2 hours ago

RAN INTO THIS GUY WORKING AT DISNEY SPRINGS! @bestfurbeatbox #foryoupage I love new talent!

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117 10 hours ago

Thank you soooo much for the dq and ivr ! @143heyitsbella love ya!

400 11 hours ago

Haters will say it’s fake😂 what do you think?👀 #foryoupage #mesinging #talent

410 22 hours ago

Wanna get on foryoupage? Just use #updownupdownleftrightleftrightjoystickjoystick you’re welcome😋

902 22 hours ago

Have you’ve ever let someone go?...it’s not easy. #foryoupage

1,325 1 day ago

@143heyitsbella you are sooo amazing thank you sooo much for everything you truly lift my spirits 😋

430 1 day ago

Would you go to California with me? 😋❤️ #foryoupage

2,095 1 day ago

This is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in a while!! @co8q5sw1tk

1,262 1 day ago

I think I’m done talkin to girls😂 #foryoupage

725 1 day ago

Who wants to be my sweetheart? 😊❤️ #foryoupage

481 1 day ago

Back in Orlando baby😊 comment I if you’ve been here! ❤️ #foryoupage

2,258 1 day ago

No ones loyal anymore... are you? 😊 #foryoupage

9,869 2 days ago

OMG TAG WHO LIVES HERE!!! #foryoupage

756 3 days ago

What’s up Orlando airport! What’s your favorite @marshmellomusic song? #foryoupage

563 4 days ago

What song is this👀👀 #foryoupage

856 4 days ago

Who’s in Orlando rn? 👀👀 #foryoupage

1,536 4 days ago

What airport is this? Only the real ones know this 😊❤️ #foryoupage

21,660 5 days ago

I’m 1% black😋 99% white 😂 please don’t take offense to this it’s a joke😋 #foryoupage

1,327 5 days ago

What’s goodie Orlando airport! #foryoupage

55,832 6 days ago

Have you been to Dallas airport? #foryoupage

1,437 7 days ago

When she can’t take no for an answer 😂 #foryoupage