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bi🤪 👻: ravenstanley05 vibe wit me 💫

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@http.jådë on Tiktok have full name is Jade Stanley🍒, Born on January 1, 2001, Jade Stanley🍒 join tiktok at 19 January 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by http.jådë.

14 4 days ago

do ya?🤩 #lmv this sound is so cute<3. like it up😚 #zankuchallenge

12 7 days ago

hi it’s 4am :) #lmv #gang #zankuchallenge stg i tried to do this like 400 times & it’s still 🤢🤣

19 10 days ago

baby gimme 🐱🤤 #private #lmv i have so many private’s but there all trash🤣

16 16 days ago

is a glock🤫 #private #lmv this is trash 🤣☠️

12 24 days ago

good lovin’ 🤤 #lmv

28 1 month ago

like a god 🤫 i kinda like this. 🤷🏼♀️ & you cant see shii so don’t come for me 🤣 #lmv #private

23 1 month ago

escape it all. 💔 #lmv i’m v depressed lmfao, love life lemme tell ya‼️. btw it’s like 8am🤕

19 1 month ago

hol up, get right witchu👀 #lmv i was shaking so bad this wasn’t sup to be so shaky 🤣😭 #likeitup

19 1 month ago

deuces up✌🏼 #private #lmv this lighting is like terrible but idcc like it up 😋

12 1 month ago

fallin’ inlove🥰💫 #vibes #lmv #private #happy:)

14 1 month ago

wake up everyday & you want to die 🤩. SUMBODY REPORTED THIS WTF💀 #lmv #itsjustavapebro

20 1 month ago

catch me 🤩 #lmv #merrychristmas i hope y’all have a good christmas 🥰🤝🎄

25 1 month ago

this is probably gunna get 0likes😭🤣 let’s ignore the fact that i can’t dance #lmv #dance

20 2 months ago

you make me em poco loco😊🧡 #smile #lmv i post wayy to much buttt i have too many private’s so🤣

27 2 months ago

tbh i’ll prolly delete this later cus i’m a good kid 😇. #lmv #saymyname i almost fell making this💀

23 2 months ago

bro i was so happy this day 🚫🧢👀✊🏼⛽️his cringy but cute 🤐🤪 #lmv

20 2 months ago

you’re worth melting’ for 🤞🏼 #bestfriend #ily #lmv @črÿbäbÿ

20 2 months ago

stay happy losers :)💓 #lmv #positivevibes 🥰🥰

22 2 months ago

y’all enjoy this 💀🤣 #lmv #icantdance

24 2 months ago

no i’m not ya friend , ion fw bitches 🤣 #lmv this also a private , only cus i got way to many 😭

20 2 months ago

hey lil girl you know smoking kills 💔 #goodmorning if you’re reading this you’re gorgeous(: #lmv

17 3 months ago

she think it’s wavy & gnarly 🥶 i look like trash butttt goodmorning 💛 #lmv

16 3 months ago

i bust all on her party clothes 👀 #lmv #imtrash this is trash 💀if you’re reading this you cute;)