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•10-7-18• •🏳️🌈Bisexual🏳️🌈• •Singer/Songwriter• •I Smoke A lot 💯😅•

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@kenziee_1 on Tiktok have full name is Kenzie , Born on April 1, 2003, Kenzie join tiktok at 5 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by kenziee_1.

2 3 days ago

My Boyfriend I$ MovinG To Tenne$$ee I’m GoinG To Kill My$elf

5 14 days ago

Only $ay What Applie$ To You…

3 23 days ago

RiGht Here

3 1 month ago

I Need A Friend And I Have None That Talk To Me

5 1 month ago

#foryou I Love You Handsome 😍🔐♥️

7 1 month ago

Merry Chri$tma$

5 1 month ago

I Tried My Be$t On 0.5 $lomo! Duet Thi$ It Wa$ Hard And I Me$$ed Up The La$t Part

5 1 month ago

… 😂♥️☺️

5 2 months ago

I’m Feelin Sad My Reason Is Manic Depression I Get It Out Of Nowhere Love My Life Man!

13 2 months ago

Welp Use My Sound Pls ☺️♥️