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Wha wha wha bit I’m a baby golden_sounds_1 (we 10)

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@princessniya2008 on Tiktok have full name is Xxniyaxunique♕, Born on February 12, 1992, Xxniyaxunique♕ join tiktok at 19 June 2016. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by princessniya2008.

15 11 days ago

2 more days

14 13 days ago

4 more days

15 14 days ago

Birthday count down starts now 5md

32 20 days ago

killed this

20 27 days ago

@ciara.h6 @thebaddie_yaya @blossomkid123 @babylili_472 @mimilabelle2468 @violetrodgers

25 1 month ago

This bad..Redo. But add me on roblox at Funsized_Love.

31 1 month ago


40 1 month ago


22 1 month ago

My (3yo) brother didn’t want to do it he said it’s “ for girls” so yea

24 1 month ago

GO DEMARCUS XD go add me on ROBLOX at niya_thebest1281

22 1 month ago

I skated that no cap

29 1 month ago

>:3 Does anyone else hear this? 🙂 Like seriously.😐 Sorry so inactive. ;-;

16 1 month ago

Miguel omg this is my song