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@kara.cardwell on Tiktok have full name is Kara ✰, Born on January 1, 2003, Kara ✰ join tiktok at 28 January 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by kara.cardwell.

319 2 hours ago

Thank u so much for 200k 🤧❤️ Insta: karacardwellx #foryou #comedy

3,417 4 hours ago

I’m deaddd😂💀

2,399 13 hours ago

Purge or be purged😈 Insta: karacardwellx #foryou #comedy

2,839 1 day ago

Have you ever met someone famous? Insta: karacardwellx #foryou #comedy

3,397 1 day ago

Would u rather know how u will die or when u die? 🤔 Insta: karacardwellx #foryou

1,401 2 days ago

Here’s the result, tutorial posted💗 Insta: karacardwellx #foryou

3,196 2 days ago

omg yes please like if you agree tag TikTok let’s make this change💯 @tiktok #foryou

713 2 days ago

Do you like the old or new TikTok better? 🤔 Insta: karacardwellx #foryou

5,224 2 days ago

Tutorial *theres a result*💗 Insta: karacardwellx #foryou

1,533 6 days ago

I got my bus to hop on this trend make them famous 🥰 Insta: karacardwellx @armyson02 @http._yogurl

10,499 7 days ago

expectation vs reality🙃👍🏼 Insta: karacardwellx #foryou

1,976 8 days ago

Do you hear “I feel like a monster” or “it’s to close for comfort” 🤔

1,947 8 days ago

Someone come get their man plz @armyson02

1,701 8 days ago

Get my friends on the for you page @armyson02

732 11 days ago

It’s harder than it looks🥵like my recent on Insta for a cookie >>> karacardwellx #foryou

2,538 11 days ago

Last summer vs this winter🙃💀 Your age plus 10 is how old you will be when you get married