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i’m here 4️⃣ a good time ; not a long time 😴 📍WA📍 🖤happily h3artbrok3n🖤

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@jordan.bailey143 on Tiktok have full name is Jordan Bailey , Born on January 1, 1990, Jordan Bailey join tiktok at 10 November 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by jordan.bailey143.

1,247 4 days ago

“if i can’t say no, i can’t say yes.” DONT LOSE YOUR WORTH OVER 1 NIGHT OF FUN! #foryoupage

50 14 days ago

em will always b my dad🥵🤪 #foryoupage #crownme

56 16 days ago

snow day in washington😘😘 #foryoupage

38 19 days ago

will redo cause i look BEAT🤣 but here’s some content cause i’m slackin slackin#foryoupage #crownme

58 27 days ago

“imAGiNe If EvERyOnE WHo sAw ThiS LiKed It” #foryoupage #crownme #featureme

41 1 month ago

i’m gonna kill ya👀 ##foryoupage

59 1 month ago

least effort i could possibly put in👍🏼😘 #foryoupage

524 1 month ago

@the ring and necklace he got me 😘 #foryoupage

228 1 month ago

“kno yo smells😡” #foryoupage

7,302 1 month ago

let my son b this cute🤩🥰 #foryoupage

399 1 month ago


189 1 month ago

i’m so petty with that laugh😂 #foryoupage #crownme