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I make pointless Tik Toks in hopes someone will enjoy them 20 he/him 17+ PLEASE

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@big_daddy_owo on Tiktok have full name is Chad Xavier, Chad Xavier join tiktok at 25 June 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by big_daddy_owo.

0 11 hours ago

it was on white the first time and at 100% it’s bright as fuck. but again, THANK YOU FOR 700 FANS !!

4 12 hours ago

I screwed up but idc

8 18 hours ago

You are worth it 💕💕💕💕 share this to everyone you love !!

4 1 day ago

This one is trashy. NO ALCOHOL INVOLVED #foryou #everybodygetshigh #whythehellcanti

6 1 day ago

Me — thinking about how to make another funny post to get fans #foryou #imfunnyplslikeme

12 2 days ago

THAT BIRD DIDNT GIVE TWO SHITS. good thing I slowed down #comedy #foryou #forthebird

5 5 days ago

this is INSANE

10 5 days ago

G L I T C H E S #alexa #comedy #scary #foryou

32 5 days ago

here’s the tutorial :3 #undertale #sans #comedy #featureme #foryou

13 6 days ago

yes I’m very salty about my only popular video so far being taken down. I’ll just redo it ig

13 6 days ago

when one of your videos gets taken down — how was it violating t+c ???

7 7 days ago

what’s it going to be? #foryou

3 7 days ago

shitpost but here #foryou #music

4 7 days ago

@vennyart’s sounds are golden 😂😂

14 7 days ago

it’s hilarious because transphobic cis people make no sense

10 8 days ago

when EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT ON TIK TOK IS ALL UP IN THIS DRAMA. (my doucheness is because I’m tired)