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🖇🤤ARMANI🤤🖇 🥰🤪Kiddo wit style🤪🥰 😩💞10 PERIODTT💞😩 😍😇Jakayla😇😍

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@wellknown.mãnii on Tiktok have full name is Blåck Bârbie🖤, Born on March 5, 2004, Blåck Bârbie🖤 join tiktok at 25 June 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by wellknown.mãnii.

3 16 days ago

Heyy❤️ Whne I hit 700 I’m gonna go back to this page! But follow my main for now @kutekiddø.mãnii 😐

6 26 days ago

Every body go follow my backup @kutekiddø.mãnii it’s my main page now!

23 26 days ago

😂😂😂I’m donnne

11 27 days ago

A’s and b’s

12 27 days ago

This is my voice but tag her @luhbäby_mäddie

6 27 days ago

I’m not going to school today cuz it’s point and cuz it’s going to be dry

15 28 days ago

My aunt said she gone make me a sweatshirt what should I put on there and what color

25 28 days ago

My bus driver said but my phone away like bitch bye you don’t pay my bills🙄

9 28 days ago

Go follow @user91567697 for a title!

7 29 days ago

#react to @vs_472_choix

7 29 days ago

Today is his birthday🥰😭 #Flyhighx

8 30 days ago

If I go live on @kutekiddø.mãnii who would joinn??

12 1 month ago

Gm❤️Can y’all get my likes up (No cc shii)🙃