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@rjaygetem on Tiktok have full name is Trinton Martin, Trinton Martin join tiktok at 26 December 2015. Here you can discover all tik tok video posted by rjaygetem.

1 9 months ago

lmao I'll make my version once I get back in the booth

5 1 year ago

#duet with @rjaygetem

8 1 year ago

#duet with @rjaygetem F with you

9 1 year ago

#duet with @rjaygetem I still think about you

7 1 year ago

#duet with @rjaygetem

8 2 years ago

#duet with @trintonmartin

12 3 years ago

This goes out to the girls around the world 😘 #girls

3 3 years ago

I wanna give u the world #favorite #girl

6 3 years ago

She ain't going home where she post to be #mr .stealyourgirl

15 3 years ago

There she go 👌 #ATL #Music